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How it Works 

After your initial in-home or phone consultation, call, text, or book your services online. You will receive a booking confirmation, relevant information, and real-time service updates. Receive photo updates or video copies of your dog's experience. Share your experience with loved ones and receive 10% on each service following a qualifying referral. *

Dog Training

You and your dog will compete to hold each other accountable for achieving the SMART* goals you have set. Work with your trainer weekly to identify and address undesired behaviors while prioritizing learning the fundamentals in varying environments. 

*S.M.A.R.T: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely

Overnight Pet Sitting 

You travel everywhere your heart desires while your pet's routine doesn't skip a beat, meal, or walk. We provide a comprehensive service that includes nurturing your pet and protecting your home with your details. Stay up to date with your home's operation and enjoy your time away. 

Dog Walking

Your dog's backup when life calls on you. When you are stuck at the office or enjoying a concert, you can trust your dog will have the opportunity to relieve themselves, exert energy, and decrease isolation. You're always a click away from letting your dog out at lunch.

Qualifying Referral*

Your conversations with loved ones turned into savings. You will receive 10% off your next service for each person you refer that book online.

Dog Tracking

You will never worry about the safety of your dog. During our stay with your dog, we will place our Apple Air Tags on your dog to help mitigate your worst-case scenario.

*This add on is only available for overnight sits in your home.


Your inside look at your pet service.

We provide your dog with the use of our Ring indoor camera or GoPro.

Depending on the service you receive:

Dog Training 

  • Your Live Stream link to be shared with loved ones

  • A video copy of each session​

Dog Sitting​

  • Your Live Stream link displaying your dog's favorite hang out

Dog Walking​

  • Your Live Stream view of your dog’s favorite sniffing spots and walk routes. 

UV Sanitization Fogger

Your health and peace of mind are our priorities. After our stay in your home, all high-touch surfaces and high-use environments will be sanitized with UV light and Clorox Bleach-Free Turbo Disinfectant. 

​*This add-on is only available for overnight sits in your home.


Dog Portrait

Dog Training

Q: How long will it take? A: It depends on how hard you work.

Q: What methods do you use? A: Positive reinforcement. 

Q: What happens after our training plan? A: Bi-Weekly or monthly 1 hour workshops, phone consultations, stream of training tips and tricks.

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