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Are you willing to change for your dog?

The only way to see change in your dog's behavior is by creating change in yours. You must change the ways you cause behaviors to see a positive effect. Follow along the in the journey of change.



Today we're talking about you. Every training session begins with your willingness to surrender your existing ways and be open to adopting new routines and habits to better serve yourself and dog. You're mental, physical, and emotional health are at the top of your priority list and if not, I'd consider a reassessment. Like you, you're dog's mental, physical and emotion health are at the top of your priorities list as you have assumed the responsibility of dog ownership. For an optimal relation, it is critical to incorporate both you and your dog's wellbeing into quality habits and routines.

Your dog's main goal in life is to eat, exercise, and entertain themselves. The more you align with their goals, the easier it is to develop life long positive relationships. By leveraging your dog's nose and natural desire to eat, you can condition your dog to associate all things worth having with you and your willingless to give abundanlty. Next, take that drive, and turn it into fun games and routine excersises that challange your dog mentally and phsycially. When you hone in their willingness to work, you will condition their attention and add to the level of entertainment value you possess. So spend time redeveloping your existing habits and routines to align with the fundamental needs of your dog.

For help with developing new habits and routines that better serve your dog's wellbeing, call (619) 500-8757 or email

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